Images of specific colors on this web site are for general reference only. The Color Deck is the most accurate way to see what the different colors look like. The DuraCoat Color Deck below includes "The Most Popular Colors and Collections." Included are the Bloomberg Collection, Tactical Colors, Electric Colors, DuraLaser Colors, ZombieCoat, and 63 Standard Colors, non-refundable. Sorry, not all colors are available at this time and we are no longer selling individual color chips.

When receiving your DuraCoat if the color is not what you want do not apply it. DuraCoat is resin not paint and does not change color significantly after curing. We can authorize a return and try our best to get you the color you want.

DuraCoat colors will not necessarily be an exact match for a manufacturer's named color like BlackHawk or Magpul. Manufacturer's colors will vary sometimes in a production run. If you want an exact match we have a Color Match Product on this page.

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Duracoat Custom Color Match <-

We will match your part with a custom DuraCoat paint color. A 2 x 2 inch flat piece will provide the best color match. Pictures are not recommended for custom color matching.

You place the order for the amount of DuraCoat you want from 4 oz. to 128 oz. (Standard or Tactical Colors only). Then we email you a form to include with your part which includes authorization for our factory to match your color and produce the amount of custom DuraCoat paint that you have ordered.

Custom colors are non-refundable. Charges include a $5 service fee. Allow extra time to receive your order after your part arrives at our warehouse for color matching because color matching takes additional time usually between 2 to 4 weeks depending on current custom color orders in process.

Available in 4, 8, 16, 32 & 128 oz. sizes, Select size