DuraCoat Firearm Finishes

DuraCoat® and Alsa have teamed up to create a spray on chrome designed specifically for firearms! Now you can have the most eye-catching gun at the range! DuraChrome™ creates the illusion of hard chrome by using a two-step process.

First apply a black base coat using DuraChrome Base Coat, then apply the DuraChrome in a single layer to create a mirror-like finish.

DuraClear as a topcoat over the DuraChrome will diminish the mirror effect however, it is recommended for rough use or if gun cleaners are going to be used. Top coat is sold separately.

Size Amount of Colors in (Ounces) Number
Small Aerosol 6 oz. Aerosol DuraChrome , 12 oz Aerosol Base Coat 1-2
Large Aerosol 16 oz. DuraChrome, (2) 12 oz Aerosol Base Coat 2-4
2 oz. 2 oz. DuraChrome, 4 oz. Base Coat Handgun
4 oz 4 oz. DuraChrome, 8 oz. Base Coat 2-4
8 oz. 8 oz. DuraChrome, 16 oz. Base Coat 4-8
16 oz 16 oz. DuraChrome, 32 oz. Base Coat 8-16
32 oz. 32 oz. DuraChrome, 64 oz. Base Coat 16-32
128 oz one gallon DuraChrome, two gallons Base Coat 64-128
DuraCoat DuraChrome
See table above for actual contents of DuraChrome and Base Coat.
Select Aerosol or Size Ounces/Liquid
Duracoat Firearm Finishes DuraCoat Aerosol Clear, 12 oz.

DuraCoat DuraClear in Aerosol only in a can. Unique Can-within-a-Can technology provides the hardener right inside of the can. No more measuring & mixing. Just release the hardener and shake. Provides protection against rust and corrosion. . Improved Product - Lasts for up to 4 Weeks once activated. 12 ounce can enough for 2-4 firearms, no baking or preheating required.

Available in Matte, Satin, & Gloss Select Finish
& Optional Complete Kit with 6 oz. TruStrip and scrubbing pad.