DuraCoat Firearm Finishes

DuraPearl™ Coating
    Adds sparkle and shine over any DuraCoat® color or bare metal.
DuraCoat® Clear
    All the properties of DuraCoat® without the color. Can be used over DuraCoat®, bluing, any metal, plastic and wood.
DuraBrite™ Phosphorescent Coating
    Glow in the Dark coating that can be applied to all gun parts and accessories.
DuraGlo™ Night Sight Paint
    Durable phosphorescent coating that glows brighter and longer than any night sight available.
DuraVelvet™ Top Coat
    Clear coating designed to produce a rubbery/velvety feel.
DuraBake™ Enamel
    Extremely durable, oven-cured finish that can be applied to all types of metal.
DuraHeat™ High Temperature Coating
    For barrels, suppressors, and other parts that will exceed 600F (the threshold for DuraCoat®). Can withstand temps up to 1800F.
Mission Specific Removable Camo
    Easily removable yet durable coating available in an aerosol can for quick environment or season changes.
DuraClear™ Sealant for Hydrographics
    Clear top coat formulated to add durability to Water Transfer Printing/Hydrographics.
TruLube™ Surface Protectant
    Specially formulated oil to provide maximum surface protection over DuraCoat®, DuraBake, etc.
DuraFil™ Surface Filler
    For use on pits, scratches, and other imperfections prior to DuraCoating.
DuraCoat® UV Hardener
    For use when your item will be outdoors 24/7.
DuraCoat® Reducer
    To improve atomization and flow of DuraCoat®.
DuraCoat® Retarder
    Slows down the evaporation of DuraCoat® to eliminate dry spray, blushing, and cloudiness.
Flattening Agent
    To reduce the sheen of any DuraCoat® color.
DuraFlex Flexible Additive
    Increases the flexibility of DuraCoat® for use on items such as ATV fenders, etc.
    Accelerates the cure time of DuraCoat®.
SoftSand Texturizing Additive
    Adds texture to DuraCoat® for use on grips, stocks, or anything else that you want to have a better grip on.