DuraCoat Reseller Program

Program Guidelines

In response to requests from retailers and finishers that either supply DuraCoat products for resale, or provide professional finishing of weapons.  We have set up a DuraCoat reseller program.

  1. The minimum order that qualifies for the DuraCoat reseller program is $200 per DuraCoat order (shipping cost is not counted).

  2. DuraCoat items purchased under the reseller program earn a 10% credit for future DuraCoat purchases.  Credits are only maintained from the previous full year through the current year. Unused credits going back two years are deleted on January 1st of the new year.

  3. When earned credit reaches or exceed $50 it will be used on the next $200 order placed.

Once you have a DuraCoat Reseller Account number assigned - It is your responsibility to add the supplied account number to your ship to address in order to get the DuraCoat reseller credit. We will not go back and add the account number into orders already received.

When the earned credit is applied to the current order then the balance due after the credit is applied is used to calculate the earned credit on the current order. 

For instance if you buy $200 worth of DuraCoat products and a earned credit of $50 is applied, then for the current order you earn a new credit on the difference of $150 (Fifteen Dollars).

For New Reseller/Dealer Sales this information must be mailed to:

Houts Enterprises LLC
Attn: DuraCoat Reseller Program
238 Edith Lane
Dayton, NV 89403

  1. Copy of your business license and resellers permit for sales & use tax collection.
  2. Nevada business must also complete a Resellers Certificate, which we will provide.
  3. Contact name & daytime telephone number.
  4. Email address

Alternately if you have the ability to scan documents you can email the information contact us and we will provide you with an email address.

We will email you an account number (DC0000-00) that you will include in your order Ship To address:
The account number will insure you receive your earned credit on each DuraCoat purchase of $100 or more. The reseller program begins when we have your information on file, and is not retro-active to previous purchases.

Joes Gun Shop

123 Elm Street
Carson City, NV 89400

Just make purchases online as normal and when your earned DuraCoat credit reaches or exceeds $50 it will be used on the next DuraCoat order. When your earned credit is used it will be reflected on your invoice and you will be charged only the difference for the order.

Questions:  contact us