DURACOAT_BEGINNERS_KIT.jpg DuraCoat Beginners Kits Paint & Chemicals Only

DuraCoat Beginners Kit Includes: 4 oz. DuraCoat, 1/2 oz. Hardener, 2 oz. Reducer, 6 oz. Aersol TrueStrip, Cleaner/Degreaser, for use with your own airbrush or spray gun.

Manufacturer's Color & DuraCoat Colors

** Requires Spray Gun.
Available in Standard & Tactical Colors - Select Color
Colors marked * must be topcoated with DuraCoat Clear
Colors marked **
require a base coat of DuraCoat White
Clear & White Not included in Kits
DuraCoat Firearm Finishes DuraCoat StartUp Pak Paint Only
DuraCoat Startup Pak with twelve 4 oz. containers and hardener; Matte Black, Tactical Black, Tactical OD Green, Coyote Brown, Magpul FDE, Parker, HK Semigloss Black, Pink Lady, White, WWII OD Green, Tactical Dark Earth, and Magpul Foliage Green.
DURACOAT_PRO_STARTUP_KIT.jpg DuraCoat Professional StartUp Kit
DuraCoat Professional StartUp Kit Includes: Four 8 oz. containers of DuraCoat with hardener, 16 oz. Reducer, Two 16 oz. Aerosol TrueStrip Cleaner/Degreasers, 4 oz. DuraCoat Retarder, 2 oz. Quicken, One HVLP Mini Graviy Feed Hobby Spray Gun, Measuring Spoons and Beakers, Half-Mask Respirator with Replacement Filters, DuraCoat Colors included are Matte Black, Magpul FDE, Tactial OD Green and Tactical Coyote Brown.
Duracoat Firearm Finishes Duracoat TruStrip Cleaner/Decreaser TS 2 Gallons <-
TruStrip™ cuts all gunk and grease, fast. It dries extremely fast without leaving residue. This product is ideal for use as a cleaner prior to refinishing with DuraCoat® products. Handy liquid form. (Heavy item charge $20)
DuraCoat Firearm Finishes SafeClean Cleaner/Degreaser
SafeClean™ is a safe, easy-to-use, heavy-duty cleaner for gun parts. This low pH, biodegradable, natural solvent is ready to tackle oils, grease, and crusted dirt. SafeClean™ exhibits excellent cleaning at room temperature. The perfect product to degrease parts before Parkerizing or applying spray-on finishes like DuraCoat®. Simply wipe off the parts with a sponge or rag or briefly soak parts in SafeClean™ before cleaning.
Available in Pint or Gallon sizes, Select size
DuraCoat Firearm Finishes Template Adhesive Remover
Want to remove that annoying template adhesive residue? It's as easy as using the new Template Adhesive Remover. Comes in a 4 oz bottle. Just put it on a rag and wipe it down. It's that simple!
Duracoat Firearm Finishes DuraCoat Aerosol Clear, 12 oz.

DuraCoat DuraClear in Aerosol only in a can. Unique Can-within-a-Can technology provides the hardener right inside of the can. No more measuring & mixing. Just release the hardener and shake. Provides protection against rust and corrosion. . Improved Product - Lasts for up to 4 Weeks once activated. 12 ounce can enough for 2-4 firearms, no baking or preheating required.

Available in Matte, Satin, & Gloss Select Finish
& Optional Complete Kit with 6 oz. TruStrip and scrubbing pad.
Duracoat Firearm Finishes Duracoat Clear DC
DuraCoat DuraClear in liquid form, used to Top Coat and match sheens between colors.
Select or Size Ounces/Liquid