DuraCoat Starter Kits

Duracoat Firearm FinishesDuracoat Firearm FinishesDuracoat Firearm Finishes

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Duracoat Firearm Finishes Duracoat Firearm Finishes
Duracoat Firearm FinishesDuracoat Firearm FinishesDuracoat Firearm Finishes
DURACOAT_BEGINNERS_KIT.jpg DuraCoat Beginners Kits Paint & Chemicals Only

DuraCoat Beginners Kit Includes: 4 oz. DuraCoat, 1/2 oz. Hardener, 2 oz. Reducer, 6 oz. Aersol TrueStrip, Cleaner/Degreaser, for use with your own airbrush or spray gun.

Manufacturer's Color & DuraCoat Colors

Available in Standard & Tactical Colors - Select Color
Colors marked * must be topcoated with DuraCoat Clear
Colors marked **
require a base coat of DuraCoat White
Clear & White Not included in Kits
DURACOAT_STARTUP_PAK.jpg DuraCoat StartUp Pak Paint Only

DuraCoat Startup Pak with twelve 4 oz. containers and hardener; Matte Black, Tactical Black, Tactical OD Green, Coyote Brown, Magpul FDE, Parker, HK Semigloss Black, Pink Lady, White, WWII OD Green, Tactical Dark Earth, and Magpul Foliage Green. Manufacturer's Color & DuraCoat Colors
DURACOAT_PRO_STARTUP_KIT.jpg DuraCoat Professional StartUp Kit

DuraCoat Professional StartUp Kit Includes: Four 8 oz. containers of DuraCoat with hardener, 16 oz. Reducer, Two 16 oz. Aerosol TrueStrip Cleaner/Degreasers, 4 oz. DuraCoat Retarder, 2 oz. Quicken, One HVLP Mini Graviy Feed Hobby Spray Gun, Measuring Spoons and Beakers, Half-Mask Respirator with Replacement Filters, DuraCoat Colors included are Matte Black, Magpul FDE, Tactial OD Green and Tactical Coyote Brown. Manufacturer's Color & DuraCoat Colors