eGEAR Luxeon 5-Watt Tactical Flashlight..


5 Watt Tactical Flashlight by Essential Gear features easy on/off standard pushbutton operation and is powered by lithium batteries which work well in cold weather and last 10 years in storage. Luxeon 5-Watt LED technology generates a astounding 120 lumens of light. Supplied with batteries, nylon lanyard, and holster.

  • 3 x 123A Lithium Batteries
  • Standard on/off pushbutton operation
  • 3 Hours Burn time
  • 5-Watt Luxeon LED
  • 120 Lumens output
  • 7.2" x 1.4"
  • 8 oz with Batteries
  • Machine tooled anodized aluminum body
  • Supplied with Batteries, Holster & Lanyard
  • Lifetime warranty