Firelight Clear FireStarter


Fire pistons are hollow tubes with a tightly fitted plunger. When the plunger is forced down into the tube the rapidly heated air becomes super heated and will ignite a small amount of tinder that is usually placed at the tip of the piston.

At the moment of ignition, a burst of light is emitted inside the fire piston. The transparent FireLight pistons reveal this flash of light as a tiny explosion of heat. The FireLight has been completely redesigned now feaures an aluminum piston shaft and our patent pending pressure relief valve.

This process only takes a fraction of a second however, the fire piston will generate heated air of 500 degrees fahrenheit, more than enough to ignite tinder like char cloth and various other tinders listed below. These tinders are detailed in the instructions provided with each Fire piston. The simple process of making your own char cloth is also detailed.

  • Char Cloth (Easily Made)
  • Tinder fungus
  • Mullein
  • Milkweed Pod
  • Milkweed Down, Cattail Fluff, Poplar cotton
  • Hoof Fungus
  • Wood Punk

This is an alternative way of making fire. It is a fun way on a camping trip to show others a new skill that requires more than the striking of steel or a match. This requires some patience and practice, the o-ring in the Fire piston must be lubricated with vaseline, and clean of any tinder debris. Non-returnable item since includes end user items.